Project CHATEAUBRIAND: CREW & CAST__Director: Marcos Manhães Marins

FIBRA CINE VIDEO has started to select skilled people to make one of the most important film biographies of this century.
  • frame 1: Photography director, Walter Carvalho, has accepted our invitation to give his artistic touch to our scenes. He was responsible for the successful "Agosto" TV GLOBO's series and has already worked together with this Project's film director.
  • frame 2: To play "Assis Chateaubriand" in his second phase, after TV TUPY opening, actor OTHON BASTOS' accepted our invitation. He performed "Corisco" in "Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol", a Glauber Rocha's film that won the first prize at Porreta Terme, Italy. To play the character "Assis" as a young man, we have invited Paulo Betti, the same actor of "Lamarca", another rare Brazilian film biography.
  • frame 3: The director of the whole Project, from the start,Marcos Manhães Marins, directed Othon Bastos and Walter Carvalho among 60 people including crew &cast for theTV fictional "High Rotation". He directed 35mm movie "Society, Society", wrote and directed "USEM-Interaction University-Firms" to Rio's Federal University- UFRJ, where he's graduated. He also attended course at BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE.
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