FIBRA Cine VIDEO - The Cultural Producer -Português?
Film and video producing centre, it is the cultural face of FIBRA Eletrônica I.C.Ltda, founded by Marcos Manhães Marins and Vagner F. de Almeida, both graduated at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
As determined by AUDIOVISUAL LAW of Ministry for CULTURE, they registered "Chateaubriand" Project in CVM, a public comittee which enables film makers to raise funds for cultural production in the Stockhenge, a unique and brand new system of making Brazilian Cinema feasible.
Bank Itaú, where Fibra holds its account for 11 years, guarantees INVESTORS' rights on this project.

Major FIBRA's References - just to show you the reliability of the producer which is leading the Project:
TV GLOBO Brazilian Network - 400 videos' maintenance contract for 9 years in 1996
SONY - our supplier for 11 years in 1996
MPM:LINTAS Advertisement Agency - video works in 1994 and 1995
Brazilian Centre of Defense of Children's Rights (CBDDCA) - video works 1993/1994
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Main Staff:
Director-PresidentMarcos Manhães Marins
Technical DirectorVagner Ferreira de Almeida
Art Designer ConsultantJosé Carlos Pereira de Morais
ManagerNancy Magalhães Santos
BillingJandir Hollanda
Secretary/AtendantCristina Dantas
Computer operatorClarismundo Marliere
Technician supervisorJorge Antônio Mendes Vianna
Technician 1Carlos Eduardo Abrantes
Technician 2Thiago de Nunes da Cunha
Studio assistant/courierAnderson da Silva

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