Project CHATEAUBRIAND: The RESEARCH_Director: Marcos Manhães Marins

The research started in 1987 with the author Marcos Manhães Marins visiting files of Jornal do Brasil. In 1992 a treated synopsis was registered in National Library. Directing a group of students from Federal University of Rio-UFRJ, journalists and scriptwriters, he came up to make the first dramatic work telling Chateaubriand's life.
  • frame 1:exclusive video interview with Professor Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, the man who demanded the impeachment of Fernando Collor in name of the Brazilian People. He got to know Chateaubriand when they were studying at the Faculty of Recife in 1915. He has been for decades the president of the Brazilian press association (ABI).
  • frame 2:exclusive video interview with Prof. Austregésilo de Athayde, friend of Chateaubriand for more than 50 years.He has died in 1993, 94-year old, in full activity as President of the Academia Brasileira de Letras(Literature) for about 25 years.
  • frame 3:interview exclusively granted to the Project Chateaubriand by Mrs.Emília Araúna, the nurse who took care of "Doctor Assis", helping him communicate with others through unheardable whispers, during the after-trombosis period.
    His daughter Teresa and son Gilberto also helped us create in May 94 the final text.
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