Project CHATEAUBRIAND: The MAN________Director: Marcos Manhães Marins

Assis Chateaubriand was born in 1892, in Parahyba, a poor Brazilian state. Incredible as it seems, he graduated as a lawyer when he was 21 year old (PhD at 23) but it was as a newsman that he would uncover his real vocation.
  • frame 1: Sir Assis Chateaubriand turned out to be the most eccentric Brazilian ambassador to England (photo). He deserved to receive credentials from Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 for his huge efforts to increase commercial and cultural interchange in Europe such as the unforgettable tropical party in a medieval castle in Coberville, France.
  • frame 2: Flying back to 1947, we see Chateaubriand ordering from RCA the whole pack of equipment to put on air (photo) the third commercial Television system in the world-the first in South America-TV TUPY, which disappeared some years after he died.In the film "Chateaubriand",actors will play his entire saga, including his dramatic last years,when he commanded his empire completely parallytic except by one finger.
  • frame 3: In 1930, Chateaubriand integrated the group of people who rebelled against old dictatorship and made Getúlio Vargas (photo) president of Brazil. In 1932, for criticizing Vargas, he not only lost his news office,but also was arrested and banned.
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